Fuerte Action is well-positioned to assist brands seeking international expansion and penetration into the Canary Islands market through our multifaceted expertise. Our comprehensive services encompass importing, distribution, and marketing, ensuring seamless integration into new markets.

With a robust digital sales strategy and a strong foothold in e-commerce, we facilitate market entry by leveraging cutting-edge digital platforms, marketplaces and innovative go-to-market techniques. Our team offers tailored solutions for brands aiming to establish a prominent online presence, driving sales and visibility through strategic online campaigns.

Moreover, our sponsorship programs, local activations, and social media engagement strategies enhance brand visibility and resonate with the local audience. By combining local insights with global reach, we curate impactful brand experiences, fostering connections between brands and their target consumers.

Our extensive retail presence and state-of-the-art warehouse facilities further complement our offerings, providing brands with a reliable infrastructure for product storage, distribution, and logistics management. Fuerte Action's integrated approach ensures a seamless and effective route to market entry, expansion, and sustained growth for brands eyeing international and Canary Islands markets