Fuerte Action is thrilled to announce our new initiative: a vibrant marketplace designed exclusively for pre-owned equipment. Dedicated to passionate surfers, windsurfers, kiters, and wingfoiling enthusiasts, this platform provides a convenient space to sell your gear, guaranteeing it finds new adventures.

How it works?

Bringing your equipment to our Fuerte Action locations at Costa Calma Beach House or in Lajares allows our dedicated team to assist in evaluating its fair market value. We suggest arranging your visit in advance. Tap to chat with Fuerte Action Lajares or get in touch with our team from our Fuerte Action Beach House Surf Shop. We prioritize quality assurance for both sellers and potential buyers, ensuring transparency and fair pricing throughout.

Once your equipment has been evaluated, we'll take care of any necessary repairs or replacements to optimize its performance. The gear will then be featured in our marketplace, where prospective buyers can visit our Costa Calma and Lajares locations for a firsthand look. For those unable to visit in person, our online platform offers detailed descriptions and images for convenient browsing.

Buyers can make purchases directly through our website and arrange delivery to Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands, or continental destinations. Fuerte Action's used equipment marketplace aims to connect gear enthusiasts with their desired items, providing a seamless and trustworthy buying and selling experience.