🌊 Rent-to-Buy Program: Embrace Your Next Adventure!

Explore our Rent-2-Buy Program and gear up for your exhilarating watersport adventures! Visit our specialty wind sports stores in Lajares or Beach House, rent premium-quality equipment and convert your spending into credit towards your new gear purchase. It's your pathway to upgrade while experiencing top-notch equipment.

🏄How It Works:

  • Rent Premium Gear: Select from our wide array of high-quality surfing, windsurfing, kiting, or wingfoiling equipment available for rent.
  • Enjoy Your Adventure: Delight in your watersport escapades with our top-tier rentals, experiencing ultimate performance and reliability.
  • Convert Your Rental to Savings: Everything you've spent on rentals becomes credit toward your new equipment purchase. It's your discount when you decide to upgrade!
  • Redeem for New Equipment: Choose your desired gear and apply your accumulated rental credit toward the purchase. It's that easy to transition from renting to owning your equipment!

🌬️Terms & Conditions:

Seasonal Offer: The credit is valid only within the current year or season.

Exclusions: Credit can't be used towards beachwear or technical apparel, as it's exclusively for equipment purchases.

Upgrade Assurance: Every rental expense contributes to your future gear upgrade. It's your journey from renting to owning, making the most of your watersport experiences!

Make your rental moments count towards owning your dream equipment. Begin your adventure and seize this unique opportunity to elevate your watersport experience with our convenient Rent-2-Buy!